This is RISE. A blog featuring Q&As with women who truly dare to make an impact in the world.

The purpose of RISE is less about clicks and shares, and more about deeply touching and inspiring the women who read it to get off the couch and dare to dream and do the things they didn't think they could. RISE is the underpinning of a movement aimed at lighting the spark of contagious positivity and a can-do attitude. 

RISE features professional women from a wide spectrum of industries - from publishing to teaching to those who work at non-profits - who lead and, more importantly, inspire. They are mentors, teachers and advocates for other women and minorities. They push the envelope through their efforts. They are women of good character and a shining example in their communities.

Together, they make the world a little brighter. RISE will be a universal platform to tell their stories. 

Together, the women of RISE inspire.