About me

freelance writing & editing


 In my heart, I am first and foremost a writer and editor. 

content management & strategy


 You may be wondering what my full-time day job looks like. 

global & community empowerment


Here are some causes I'm fiercely passionate about.

freelance Writing & Editing

I've been published in Washington Post Jobs, The Chicago Tribune, Business Insider, Gannett, Workforce Magazine, Chief Learning Officer Magazine and many other reputable publications.

Like many of you, I discovered my life's passion at an early age: I knew I wanted to be a writer and pursued that dream by attending the best journalism school I could find: I graduated with a master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2007. 

Since then, I've published hundreds of print and digital bylines on topics including job search advice, career development, recruitment, HR and human capital management. I'm proud of every byline that has appeared in print or online with my name stamped on it -- as well as the executive ghost-writing ones that don't. 


content management & strategy

Today, my work involves content strategy and management at Aon PLC, a global professional services firm.

Prior to that, I was a senior editor at an award-winning magazine publishing company called Human Capital Media, publishers of Workforce Magazine, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Talent Management Magazine and Diversity Executive Magazine. 

I've won an AZBEE Award, one of the biggest honors in B2B publishing, for managing a weekly newsletter called Talent Management Perspectives. I also helped to launch the company's first-ever social media channels, be part of a core cross-functional group to brainstorm digital strategies, and led the way making seamless and interactive connections between the print books and their digital counterparts. I also presented content analytics findings at weekly editorial meetings.

I was also a senior copywriter and social media manager at recruitment tech firm CareerBuilder. In addition to managing all the B2B social media channels, I also wrote across a spectrum of mediums including blogs, articles, infographics, email campaigns, ads, events materials, product marketing collateral, executive presentations, executive speeches and more.


Global & Community Empowerment

One of the causes I'm most passionate about in life is uplifting women by talking about women’s rights, equal pay, gender equality, etc.  - but most importantly, education.

Education - especially of underprivileged girls - is a cause I am fiercely passionate about. As a result, my husband and I sponsor the tuition of impoverished young girls in India, Haiti and various parts of Africa who would otherwise be forced to drop out of school and become destined to repeat the vicious cycle of poverty. 

Another issue that's near and dear to my heart is empowering employment by writing to both employers and job seekers - that's why I've freelanced for Washington Post Jobs in my spare time. I also have a soft spot for immigrants. I volunteer with a non-profit called Upwardly Global that helps unemployed or underemployed immigrants secure meaningful employment in the U.S.

I've also done some freelance work with an arm of the United Nations - specifically creating content for an interactive digital page for World Refugee Day for UNHCR and UN Volunteers.


and now, check out my work...

I've condensed over 12 years of work and hundreds of bylines as well as special projects into six broad pillars - from leadership to work culture - that best describe my work. Take a look around and drop me a line to let me know if any of my articles resonated with you.