Welcome to my world

I live in a big, beautiful, messy, colorful, meaningful and creative space -- and see the world as a blank sheet of paper with a story just waiting to be written. With a journalism degree from Northwestern University, I'm a content professional based in the Chicagoland area and have spent the past decade interacting with everyone from C-suite executives to creative teams. I have a day job at a global professional services firm, but I'm a writer and editor at heart.

what i love

the arts


I used to play the piano as a child and hope to pick it back up someday. I love the arts - especially film, the theater, museums, architecture boat tours, jazz concerts, a cappella music and more.

the summer


There is nothing quite like summertime in Chicago. From outdoor jazz or orchestra performances to food festivals, there is an electrifying buzz that is infectious.



I love to travel internationally, and the places that will always have a special place in my heart include India, Italy and New Zealand. I hope to visit all three as much as I can in my lifetime.

stay awhile...

There's much to see here, so take your time and look around. Take a moment to drop me a line.